Sometimes you've just got to take a risk

Diana began her career in the oddest of places for a recent History and Art History, working for a Construction Company in 2009. At the time the Recession had taken it's toll on the economy and a good job was something you didn't turn down, even if it didn't align with what you thought you would be doing. She didn't know it then but landing that job was a blessing in disguise. While at this company Diana learned a lot about the business world, running a small business, networking and talking to people. Through this position Diana was able to make the right connections that eventually lead her to the world of Corporate Recruiting. It was during her time at the Lucas Group that Diana was able to master Social Media Management, working under the wing of one of the top ranked recruiters in the country, Diana was able to establish a savvy social media strategy that would leap the firms visibility in the online world. From this desire to connect people socially Lust Local was born in November 2015, and has been managing media and strategy for the past two and half years. Diana was also the Co-founder of the Greenheart Juice shop in Northern Virginia— she spent 3 1/2 years co managing day to day operations at Greenheart until deciding to move into Creative Consulting full time.

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