Super Important Reads and Other Things || Vol. 1

I’m shifting gears a little bit with “link love.” I have found it that the things I want to read and share are shifting, less “how to make the nook in your home cozy” to “this boss woman did it this way,” or “can you really do it all.” Because frankly my interest have change and the influence I want to give, if any, is to share from my sources, to encourage folks to support local, to understand the world around us, and to become inform on different areas of life. Welcome to the first volume of Super Important Reads and Other Things, I promise to update the frequently and mercilessly going forward. -Diana

What Boys are Made of || This article via Medium is loaded, regardless of what side you are on a popular conversation on assault has been raised and the breeding grounds are varied. This article goes into “private highschools.” Having gone to a pretty upper middle class public high school stories like these are ones I am too familiar with.

IN and Out President opens up || The President of the popular California burger chain, In and Out Burger, opened up to Forbes about running her privately owned family business. I’m impressed by her honesty when it comes to fighting her personal demons and demonstrating how from a young age she was worked her way through the company to learn all the ins and outs of running an impressive empire.

Pilates at home for the price of two classes || I have to tell you guys I’m intrigued by the Pilates wheel, and if I didn’t know myself and my inability to workout at home I’d be all for it.

Get an Uber to go VOTE || Uber is offering free rides to polling stations, you just book a ride to your polling place for November 6th! Remember every f’ing election matters, but this one more than many!

The Danger of Being Too Polite || Sometimes you just gotta let it rip, I mean let it all out. This is especially true when you’re in relationships, you can’t be too polite and not let your feelings out in a healthy and productive manner.

What this Full Moon in Taurus means || I’m not an expert on the moon and the stars but I do know when I can sense a force in me shifting. It is a time to get grounded, transform your feminine side.

Happy Reading.