Super important reads and other things || Vol. 2

but no seriously.  VIA

but no seriously. VIA


Eight Science Policies at Stake This Election Day || Regardless of where you live in the US, literally every state is facing an environmental challenge. (See those here.) It is imperative that we take in to account the environmental issues that we are facing, as a younger generation we will have to live with environmental policies instilled or dismantled by 70 year olds who probably don’t care.

Three early races to watch || Look out Virginians, Virginia 10 is a big one to watch with Comstock facing off vs. Wexton. Other races mentioned include Kentucky’s 6th Congressional and the Indiana Senate Race.

A guide to how, where, and when to vote || Not sure if you’re registered? Or where to vote? Check out this guide.

So, How was India? || My dear friend Joanna, of Wandering Wellness, just came back from a two week trek through India. I got to hear first hand details of her journey through the majestic kingdom, I’m honored to share her journey.

What Abbi Jacobson Learned from her most embarrassing moment on set || Sometimes when we’re driving away from our problems….we’re really only driving toward them.

The Lost Art of the Phone Call || I love talking on the phone, for a while there thanks to texting I lost that love, but there is nothing as sweet as hoping on a call with a pal and sharing a laugh, a cry, or spilling the tea.

Happy Voting Frans